Business Tools You Can Use

April 7th, 2014 by Jack Miller

Business Tools You Can UseDo you spend much of your day going through an assortment of databases in search of information on European licensing agreements? If you so you’ve probably wished more than once that there was just one integrated database that allowed you to access nearly about any intangible property information you could ask for.

Royalty rate databases are an excellent resource for those of you who deal with licensing and intellectual property on a regular basis. Regardless of your experience in the field, a resource like Royalty Range will reduce your research time so you can focus on crafting and agreement that gives your client exactly what he or she wants.

Licensing terms and agreements shift constantly and a database such as this allows you to have access to the most current information regarding common business practices including royalty rates and licensing terms.

Get a good royalty rate on the licensing agreement for the intellectual property your client desires by accessing a database filled with all the relevant information you need. A service like Royalty Range has already done all of the legwork so you can simply look up the information that will help you make an advantageous agreement without spending more money on man hours than you do on the licensing agreement.

If you’re tired of having your assistant look up basic information on intangible properties in Europe such as whether or not they may be used in America or a specific European country, and for how long; you no longer have to because you just go here: and the information is right at your fingertips. Imagine the increase in productivity and profits when you can create more agreements in a significantly shorter period of time. The availability of all this information in one place means you can draft and finalize agreements in less time than it takes currently.

Negotiating licensing agreements and intellectual property rights is difficult enough without having to be an expert researcher just to access the information you need before you can even begin negotiations. Royalty Range’s royalty rate database is an excellent source whether your licensing needs are large or small.

Using A Medical Information Search With Your Doctor

December 26th, 2013 by Jack Miller

Using A Medical Information Search With Your DoctorMost patients automatically assume that doctors will hate being second-guessed by a website but the truth is that while it might be annoying, using a medical information search with your doctor lets he or she know that you are invested in a proper diagnosis and treatment. After you have conducted your search on you should talk about the results with your physician and allow them to explain why certain illnesses have been crossed off the list. This information is valuable to you so make sure you pay close attention.

When you do your own medical information search you may come across outdated information that is no longer relevant at all or to your case specifically. Rather than simply taking your physician’s word for it, ask questions so you have a better understanding of what your doctor is doing or thinking about your illness.

Finally when it comes to treating your illness you want to talk with your doctor about the types of treatments you prefer, particularly those you learned about through your medical information search. Find out what side effects are for all possible treatments and which have the best results for healing.

How To Improve A Team Dynamic with Enterprise Social Networks

December 11th, 2013 by Jack Miller

How To Improve A Team Dynamic through Loomideck

Regardless of the industry you work in or your level within a company, it is inevitable to come in contact with colleagues who aren’t what we call ‘team players’. These employees make it difficult to collaborate between divisions for swift project completion. Whether it is a personality trait or simply an inability to communicate, these employees have a negative impact on team dynamics, which can be essential to project efficiency.

Utilizing enterprise social networks such as Loomideck, you can bypass these difficult employees altogether. Encourage team work with the use of a centralized database of project details. With a social network for enterprise all team members can access images, charts, graphs and research in one place at the same time as others.

Loomideck understands that unlikable coworkers are just a fact of life, but this digital method of communication can help team members interact amicably and effectively. By relying on social media tools like work sharing and forums, employees are less reliant on the whims and emotions of one colleague to get the data they need to do their work.

Even the most confrontational team members can work together well using enterprise social networks.